Our wonderful patients are the reason we’re in business.  Please comment if you would like to share more about your experience!

Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

The location in Apache Junction closed but the doctor is still doing phone consultations for patients.  This is the most affordable doctor I have ever found and she really cares about her patients.   Anyone who doesn’t have health insurance should be sure to get a phone consultation with her. Yelp
The doctor was awesome! She asked all the right questions and provided all the right answers. Incredibly affordable..$27….full panel lab work…$79! at where she sent me. I dont mind going to the docter more often at $27 a visit….(phone call). I look forward to addressing my health issues with hernin the future!!!  Google
The D.R was very knowledgeable and interested i helping resolve my ongoing illness. That was the most helpful appointment I have had in a while.  Google

Dr. Werling [Tizio] is a great listener and very attentive to your needs. Her knowledge about health conditions is practically encyclopedic, and she knows about many treatment modalities of which orthodox practitioners are ignorant. I am much more satisfied with her than I have been, on the whole, with regular MDs. Thank goodness AZ licenses Naturopaths!  Google

They are very professional and get the job done. They pay better attention to you and treat you like a person rather than a walking wallet. Loved it there.  Google

I came in and was taken to almost immiedietly , although I did have an appointment set. The doctor checked me out , took vitals , and gave me a prescription for my sickness. Hopefully they will stay around since it is affordable and close to my house! My entire visit excluding prescriptions was $55 because I bought a probiotic from the doctor to go with my antibiotic. Thanks!
Don’t miss out on good treatment at a good cost 🙂 Yelp

Dr. Werling [Tizio] is a great listener, and she takes the time necessary to understand your issues.  Although she was very busy, I had her full attention.  She helped me find solutions to my problems.  I was impressed with her encyclopedic knowledge of health issues.  I give her 5 stars; she is an excellent provider! Yelp

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